Purpose: To be rewarded from the hours of hard work spent building a custom prop model.

Objective: To compile our prop in a custom map using the Hammer HL2 Map Editor.

Compile the Map

  • Save the map file first from File > Save
  • Press (F9) to open the Run Map (compile) window

For the 3 compile stages (BSP, VIS, RAD), leave the options set to Normal

And finally, make sure to uncheck the “Don’t run the game after compiling” option. Press OK.

Play Test the Map

The Map file will then compile and load your map in HL2 when it is ready.

Note: for whatever reason, if the map does not auto load, do the following.

Launch HL2 from steam, select Options > Keyboard > Advanced > check Enable Developer Console. Open the Developer console by pressing the tilde key (~).

Type in: map timebomb

Press Enter

Once you have located your first dynamite prop, pick it up with the gravity gun and hurl it at a car to witness the explosion our prop packs!

From here on out, finish play testing your map by hurling the props you placed at various objects, breakable walls, and combine soldiers. You may find that your prop placement needs some fine tuning. If this is the case, simply exit out of HL2, make the changes to your map, recompile and play test it again.

I hope you have enjoyed this curriculum! And congrats, you are well on your way to becoming an Advanced 3D Game Designer.


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