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New Website Up!!

I finally got around to overhauling The Haus. Additonal content added, old schwag weeded out. New design to better serve as both a portfolio of my work, and a general resource for mapping.

Mapping Update 2003 – October

Content, more content! The maps section is filling out nicely.. Also stay tuned for Map 'walk-through' videos built into this site!! Beside map pics, there are some new web features here and there.. dont forget to check out the tutorials section!

RTCW: OGG Snipers RTCW: MurderX RTCW: MurderX

  • Ogg_Snipers : About done. Simple, lightmapped terrain, and a giant friggin bridge!
  • Murder X : Cranked out some hours on her, been awhile.. Added/subtracted and beta tested. A beta test or 2 more and I'm calling it quits. haha

My thoughts are starting to drift back to the as of yet, unfinished allied_home… hehe

Website Update, 2002

I finally got around to start working on my site layout… site is under construction still, but things will be updated more frequently soon.

Moving to

The Haus of Mapping moves to

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