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Mod Tool tutorial finished!

Yay! After many weeks of painfull HTML converting, my Softimage Mod Tool Curriculum is finally available and published to the format of this site. Check it out here.

The next challenge will be to update the content, as it was originally written a number of years ago, and definitely could use some refining.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that parts of the curriculum are taken directly from the publicly available Noesis tutorials. These guys have the real content, be sure to check them out too.

SoftImage Curriculum Progress

Just a quick update:

I hammered out 2 more pages of the MOD Tool Curriculum (Modules 12-13). The "Creating a Dynamite Prop" portion of the curriculum is nearly finished, with only touching up the final prop details remaining.

See the Entire Curriculum here.


MOD Tool Curriculum Progress

So far I have converted more than 50% of my Softimage MOD Tool Curriculum to the format of this site. This is a 5 Day course that was originally designed to be instructor-led, in a classroom environment. That being said, I will also be adjusting the presentation (as I go) to be meaningful outside of a classroom (i.e. online tutorial). More to come…

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