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RTCW: Install/Reinstall Procedure (Updated: Jan 2013)

I came across these fantastic instructions when I was having issues with punkbuster.  Evenbalance has stopped supporting RTCW, so getting punkbuster to work properly is an issue (among others) when you're trying to re-install RTCW (again).

Anyways, starting from the instructions above, I've elaborated here and there and included some extra bits to complete the process end to end…  So, use the following to revive that dusty old RTCW CD.

  1. Install game

    1. I opted to install the game into C:\Games\RTCW.  (The "Program Files(x86)" directory has known issues with some legacy software).
  2. Install 1.4 (full) patch (download here – mirror).

    1. It should auto-detect your install path.  But double check this to be sure.  And the same goes for all the other patches below.
  3. Install GOTY Mappack (download here – mirror) Note: not required if you have the GOTY edition of RTCW
  4. Install 1.41 patch (download here – mirror)
  5. Install 1.41b patch (download here – mirror) Note: This patch is optional.
  6. Delete the pb folder inside your "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" folder.
  7. Download the RTCW Punkbuster files:

    1. – (mirror)
    2. Unzip this file and place the pb folder inside your "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" install folder.
  8. Download PBSVC.

    1. – (mirror)
    2. Right-click on exe and choose 'Run As Administrator'
    3. Click Next a few times until the prompts go away and you see a successful message.
  9. Right click on the icon for wolfenstein multiplayer. Choose 'Run As Administrator'

    1. At this point, you may get a firewall notice in the background.  ALT+Enter to enter Windows mode.  IF you see a firewall dialogue box,  ensure RTCW has access to all your networks (i.e. check Public and Private).  Select RTCW window, and ALT+Enter to return to Full Screen mode.
  10. Select Multiplayer and then select Punkbuster Disabled (to toggle it to ENABLED).

    1. Alternatively, you can edit this cvar in your wolfconfig_mp.cfg file manually with Notepad.  Just add seta cl_punkbuster "1" near the top of the file.
  11. Quit out of game. Double click on wolf icon again and go to multiplayer menu. Make sure it says punkbuster is enabled.  Exit the game.
  12. Install the following patch to ensure the game's server browser works (using updated master servers).

    1. See this post for details:  rtcw-master-server-list (updated Jan 2013)
  13. Done.  Launch RTCW MP and Connect to a server.

RTCW Server Setup Guide

I decided to archive the entirety of the RTCW Advanced Server Setup Guide from its original home on  Sadly, as we pass the 10 year anniversary of the release of RTCW, critical sites and services continue to drop offline – even those that are intergral to the game (such as the master server heartbeat).  I am taking preventative measures to ensure information isn't lost.  In any case, if anyone would like me to remove any of this content, just let me know.  I updated various parts below.

These directions are modifications to the directions that are posted at (be sure to check out this link, it provides "more complete" server configs then below. This is a set of configuration files for the Castle Wolfenstein release that you can use to get your win32/linux server up with in no time. 
Remember that this game is based on the Quake3 engine and so most of the standard Quake3 commands and variables work fine on it. For a description of the Quake3 variable meanings see Command Keen's Variables list (archive).
To create a batch file to get your server up and running quickly, go through these steps: 

Step 1: Create a WolfMP.bat file 

Go to your Return to Castle Wolfenstein Directory (default is C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein). Right Click in a blank space, then select New –> Text Document. Name it “WolfMP.bat”. 
Open the file up in your favorite text editor and past one of the following two command lines:
Command line for Windows servers:
wolfMP.exe +set dedicated 2 +set net_IP XXX.XXX.X.X +set net_port 27960 +set com_hunkMegs 64 +set com_zoneMegs 24 +set vm_game 0 +exec server.cfg
Command line for Linux servers:
./wolfded +set dedicated 2 +set net_IP XXX.XXX.X.X +set net_port 27960 +set fs_basepath ./ +set com_hunkMegs 64 +set com_zoneMegs 24 +set vm_game 0 +set ttycon 0 +exec server.cfg

NOTE: For BOTH win/linux: (DO NOT USE the net_IP OR net_Port on your command line unless you're on a multi-homed system).

Make sure to insert your server's I.P. address where the X's are. The standard port is 27960, but if you already have a q3 server on that port just use 27961. 

Step 2: Create a default.cfg file 

Create another text file in the /main directory inside the ReturnToCastleWolfenstein directory and name it "default.cfg". This document should actually remain empty. It's just there to prevent bogus fail messages. 

Step 3: Create a server.cfg file 

Create a document in your /main directory and call it "server.cfg". The server.cfg is the main startup config and calls all the other configuration files (except default.cfg – Wolfenstein calls those automatically). 
Paste the following into the server.cfg file:
// Public Info
exec public.cfg

// Server Config
seta sv_pure 1
seta com_hunkMegs "1024"
seta com_soundMegs "32"
seta com_zoneMegs "32"

// General Settings (extras)
seta sv_maxRate "8000" //this overrides the autoexec.cfg setting
seta g_maxGameClients "0"
seta g_minGameClients "2"
seta sv_allowDownload "1" //server must be pure
seta sv_reconnectlimit "3"
seta g_forcerespawn "15"
seta sv_timeout "60" //amount of time before assuming a disconnected state
seta sv_padPackets "0"

// General Settings
seta sv_maxclients "16"
seta sv_privateClients "2" 
seta sv_fps "20"
seta g_friendlyFire "1"
seta g_warmup "5"
seta sv_zombietime "1"
seta g_inactivity "120"

// Logs
seta g_log "logs/games.log"
seta logfile "1" //console log - 0=no log 1=buffered 2=continuous 3=append
seta g_logsync "1"

// Voting
seta g_allowVote "1"
seta g_complaintlimit "3"

// Extras
seta sv_maxPing "0"
seta sv_minPing "0"
seta sv_floodProtect "1"
seta sv_screenshake "5" //the shaking of the video during explosions
seta g_voiceChatsAllowed "4"

// Server Passwords
seta rconpassword "rconpasswordhere"
seta sv_privatePassword "passwordhere"

// Game Type Settings
// Set the type of game: 5=Multiplayer 6=Stopwatch 7=Checkpoint
seta g_gametype "6"
seta timelimit "20"

// Game Type Settings (extras)
seta pmove_fixed "0" //leave this off
seta pmove_msec "8"
seta g_smoothClients "1"
seta g_altStopWatchMode "0"

// Game Play Default Settings
seta g_enableBreath "1"
seta g_complaintlimit "3"
seta g_gravity "800"
seta g_knockback "1000"
seta g_speed "320"
seta g_weaponRespawn "5"
seta g_weaponTeamRespawn "15" //respawn time in seconds for team games
seta dmflags "0" //8 (no falling damage) 16 (fixed FOV) 32 (no footsteps)

// uncomment to make some of them public
sets g_gravity "800"
//sets g_knockback "1000"
//sets g_speed "320"
//sets g_weaponrespawn "5"
//sets g_weaponTeamRespawn "15"

// Match Settings
seta g_maxlives "0"
seta g_doWarmup "1"
seta g_warmup "10" //10 seconds of free frag time :)

// Team Preferences
seta g_teamAutoJoin "0"
seta g_teamForceBalance "1"
seta g_friendlyFire "0"
seta g_noTeamSwitching "0"

// Punk Buster
// Turn it On/Off (ENABLE/DISABLE)
PB_SV_ENABLE // change to PB_SV_DISABLE to turn off

// Start the Game Map
// exec MapRotate.cfg
exec maps.cfg
vstr e01

// Wolf Specific
// more settings can be found in the .script and .arena files
// in the maps and scripts directory in the .pk3's. Extract them to
// the mainmaps mainscripts dir and edit to your delight. :-)
// The settings listed below WILL NOT stick, given here as an example
// of what to edit in the maps .script and .arena files
seta g_bluelimbotime "30000"
seta g_redlimbotime "40000"

writeconfig wolfconfig_mp.cfg

// Banned Players
seta g_filterBan "1"
exec banned.cfg
You can, of course, alter these settings.  See Command Keen's Variables list (archive) for a more complete list of variables that you can include in this .cfg file. 

Step 4: Create a Maps.cfg file 

Create a document in your /main directory and call it "maps.cfg". Paste the following into it:
// note: all standard Wolfenstein maps listed except single player maps
// add custom map rotations under different letter combinations

// MP Maps
set m01 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_assault; set nextmap vstr m02"
set m02 "map mp_base; set nextmap vstr m03"
set m03 "map mp_beach; set nextmap vstr m04"
set m04 "map mp_castle; set nextmap vstr m05"
set m05 "map mp_depot; set nextmap vstr m06"
set m06 "map mp_sub; set nextmap vstr m07"
set m07 "map mp_village; set nextmap vstr m01"//back to top
// CP Maps
set c01 "set g_gametype 7; map mp_assault; set nextmap vstr c02"
set c02 "map mp_base; set nextmap vstr c03"
set c03 "map mp_depot; set nextmap vstr c04"
set c04 "map mp_destruction; set nextmap vstr c05"
set c05 "map mp_sub; set nextmap vstr c06"
set c06 "map mp_village; set nextmap vstr c01" //back to top
// Custom Maps - get them here
set t01 "set g_gametype 5; map carnage_castle_final; set nextmap vstr t02"
set t02 "map mp_generator; set nextmap vstr t03"
set t03 "set g_gametype 7; map mp_trenchtoast; set nextmap vstr t04"
set t04 "map silo_base; set nextmap vstr t01" //back to top
// Everything in all possible gametype combinations :-)
set e01 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_assault; set nextmap vstr e02"
set e02 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e03"
set e03 "set g_gametype 7; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e04"
set e04 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_base; set nextmap vstr e05"
set e05 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e06"
set e06 "set g_gametype 7; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e07"
set e07 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_beach; set nextmap vstr e08"
set e08 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e09"
set e09 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_castle; set nextmap vstr e10"
set e10 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e11"
set e11 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_depot; set nextmap vstr e12"
set e12 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e13"
set e13 "set g_gametype 7; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e14"
set e14 "set g_gametype 7; map mp_destruction; set nextmap vstr e15"
set e15 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e16"
set e16 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_sub; set nextmap vstr e17"
set e17 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e18"
set e18 "set g_gametype 7; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e19"
set e19 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_village; set nextmap vstr e20"
set e20 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e21"
set e21 "set g_gametype 7; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e22"
set e22 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_generator; set nextmap vstr e23"
set e23 "set g_gametype 7; map mp_trenchtoast; set nextmap vstr e24"
set e24 "set g_gametype 5; map carnage_castle_final; set nextmap vstr e25"
set e25 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e26"
set e26 "set g_gametype 7; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e27"
set e27 "set g_gametype 5; map silo_base; set nextmap vstr e28"
set e28 "set g_gametype 6; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e29"
set e29 "set g_gametype 7; map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr e01" //back to top

sets nextmap "" //makes the nextmap public
You can change the maps in rotation by editing this file and taking out the sections for the maps you don't want, or moving them around to rotate in a different order. 

Step 5: Create a Public.cfg file 

The public.cfg file contains information about your server that the public can find out, as well as the designating what master server lists the server reports to. Create a document in your /main directory and call it "public.cfg". Paste the following into it:
// Server Config
seta sv_hostname "SERVERNAME"
seta g_motd "MESSAGE_OF_THE_DAY"

// public info
seta "Administrator" "ADMIN_NAME"
seta "Email" "EMAIL_ADDRESS"
seta "url" "URL"
seta "Location" "LOCATION"
seta "icq" "ICQ_NUMBER"
seta "Clan" "CLAN_NAME"
seta "Connection" "CONNECTION_SPEED"
seta username "kuato" //block out your computer account name

// the default master server no longer works.
// the extras below are included so browser will 
// show servers.  Otherwise, no servers for you.
seta sv_master1 "" //built in
seta sv_master2 ""
seta sv_master3 ""
seta sv_master4 ""
seta sv_master5 ""

writeconfig wolfconfig_mp.cfg
Edit the fields in all caps above, filling in the correct information for your server. 

Step 6: Create a Autoexec.cfg, Banned.cfg, and Pbsv.cfg files 

Create or edit a file named autoexec.cfg and save it to your /main directory:
set devdll 1
set sv_pure "1"
set bot_enable "0" //no bots available
set sv_maxRate "8000" //here for safety
set dedicated "2"
set com_hunkMegs "70"

// Wolf Specific - time in miliseconds
set g_soldierChargeTime "10000"
set g_LTChargeTime "20000"
set g_engineerChargeTime "15000"
set g_medicChargeTime "30000"

Create or edit a file named banned.cfg and save it to your /main directory:

// Banned Player IP's
// Sadly there is a limit to how many peeps you can ban
// id made the g_banIPs variable small in size :-(
reset g_banIPs

// Example: addip ""

writeconfig wolfconfig_mp.cfg

Create or edit a file named pbsv.cfg and save it to your /pb directory:

PB_SV_AutoSs "0"
PB_SV_AutoSsFrom "60"
PB_SV_AutoSsTo "1200"
PB_SV_CvarChangedPulse "99"
PB_SV_CvarFreq "1"
PB_SV_CvarLogging "2"
PB_SV_CvarUserPulse "99"
PB_SV_CvarWalk "0"
PB_SV_KickLen "60"
PB_SV_LogAddr ""
PB_SV_LogCeiling "250"
PB_SV_LogPort "0"
PB_SV_LogPw ""
PB_SV_LogSync "0"
PB_SV_LogUser ""
PB_SV_MaxConDls "3"
PB_SV_MaxDlRate "300"
PB_SV_MsgPrefix "^3PunkBuster Server"
PB_SV_Sleep "250"
PB_SV_SsCeiling "100"
PB_SV_SsCmd ""
PB_SV_SsDelay "0"
PB_SV_SsFloor "1"
PB_SV_SsHeight "240"
PB_SV_SsPath ""
PB_SV_SsSRate "1"
PB_SV_SsWidth "320"
PB_SV_SsXPct "50"
PB_SV_SsYPct "50"
Okay, you should be all set! Make sure all those .cfg files are in your /main Wolfenstein directory, then start your server with the .bat file! 
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