1) In a Web browser, open: http:// :8080/jmx-console
When prompted, enter the JMX Console authentication credentials (if you do not have these credentials, contact your BSM Administrator).

2) In the Topaz section, select service=hac-backup.

3) Invoke listServers()to display the hostname of your src/dst servers. Note these.

4) Return to the previous MBean, locate moveServices() and enter the following values:
– customerId. The default customer ID for a regular HP Business Service Management installation is 1.
– srcServer. The name of the source server from where you are moving services.
– dstServer. The name of the destination server to where you are moving the services.
– groupName. Leave this parameter value blank.

5) Click Invoke. All services running on the source server are moved to the destination server.