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Gathering Requirements for an Application Map

The Goal:
To provide a realistic and accurate representation of the application or business service.

What’s Needed:
High level architecture diagrams of the application to be discovered and mapped
– Needs to include all application components (DB, App Servers, Load Balancers, etc).
Application Details
– Ports used
– Application details (App name, DB names, etc.)
– IP ranges of servers & devices
Access to application SME
– Needs to have detailed understanding of application environment
– Needs to understand application component configurations
Credentials for application components
– We will provide a list of whats required based upon application architecture

Application SME Involvements:
The Time Requirement:
– Should be limited to 4-8 hours total per application
– Will be Q&A type involvement
– Time will be broken up into several shorter sessions
Other Requirements
– Help troubleshoot discovery issues with non-standard configurations
– Help gather credentials
– Identify any internal processes we need to follow
The Goal:
– Validate that the maps being created are accurate representations of the application
– Ensure that we have included all relevant components and tiers
– Ensure discovery process is sustainable going forward.

ADM and CMDB – Part Two

Evelyn Hubbert, Forrester Research, runs through her research on application dependency mapping, the trends in the market and how ADM connects with CMDB.


ADM and CMDB – Part One

What is ADM? Forrester sees it, combined with ITIL and CMDB, as the foundation for changes to how we will do things in future in IT. Evelyn Hubbert, Forrester Research explains why.

Instance Based View

Modeling Studio

Note: Contains poor quality Audio.

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