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HP Discovery not available for Linux Probes

I guess it never came up in the field, but the Discovery Flow Probe Linux installation can only be used for integrations… not discovery.

uCMDB 9.05 Multi-Tenancy: How To

Option I

Go to JMX Console

  1. Search for "UCMDB:service=Customer and States Services"
  2. Select "addCustomer"
  3. Input "CustomerID:  2"
  • customerName:  SecondCustomer
  • configId:  <empty>
  • clusterId:  <empty>
  • Invoke (may take 10-15 minutes)

Option II

Create new customer configuration

From: C:\hp\UCMD\UCMDBServer\tools\server_management.bat

  1. Go to Customer Configurations link
  2. Click new customer config button
  3. Create new schemas
  4. Create new customer
  5. Click Customers link
  6. Click New Customer button
  7. ID:  2
  • Name:  SecondCustomer
  • Configuration:  The one we just made..
  • Cluster:  <empty>

Note: Option II does not appear to work in uCMDB 9.05 CUP1

HP Run-time Service Model – How the Run-time Service Model helps you.  The Run-time Service Model (in BSM9) leverages data collected from a variety of data sources and uses it for maintaining service health, event correlation and event reduction in real time.

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