From the start Uva Ursi has been a Pop/Punk/Funk power trio, with varied musical influences. Spanning a decade, 100+ songs, and 3 coasts – the Uva Ursi epoch culminated in a short (but thrilling post-Katrina) New Orleans run, from around 2005 through 2007. Since then, numerous other tracks have been created under the UUID moniker (uva ursi is dead) by singer/songwriter, Neptune Zugzwa. Resurrection always looms…


  • Neptune Zugzwa – Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals
  • Brian Horning – Bass/Songwriting
  • Robert Olson – Drums


  • Sleeping in the Blades E.P. (2007)
  • Hymns for Hubris (2002)
  • Zeitgerber (2001)