2002 Mapping Update

Added many new screenies in the RTCW and Q3 map sections..
be sure to check them out. As well this site will be moving to www.murderx.com soon.. so keep posted on that. and updated links. enjoy!.

Allied_Home (Red Oak Court Beta) Released

"This map is basically my Old neighborhood. A very stuck up old person retirement place…people moved there to die i think…good thing we got outta there….but since rtcw came out, i wanted to make the neighborhood the center of destruction…ive been a …shlep on getting the simple script made…and right now it is incomplete…but for me i love the fact that i get to blow up shit. And that is a perk of this map..it is as interactive as i could make it..if you see a ledge …more then likely you can jump and climb ontop of it..similar to q3's UT…also many things are "breakable" which i havent noticed too much in rtcw besides wall boards and chairs..anyways..play on and give me some feedback."

RTCW: Red Oak Court



DM Arena Released (RtCW)

"Meant as a 1 on 1 map. The arena was designed for Clans specifically, while 2 duke it out, the rest of the clan can view from the high stands and learn. Just as fun you can have a good free-for-all with as many as you can gather. In this version there are no Objectives, only to frag and live..and hopefully get better at aiming.. Works well with OSP and other mods as well…".

RTCW: DM Arena



DM Arena Released (Q3A)

After months of waiting it seems, dm_arena is complete….

Grab yours here.

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