Added some pictures to my Maps page, a first for this site!! Basically consisting of the 3 projects I'm wrapping up now, they are;

  • Murder X : My 3 year baby. I learned everything I know basically from making this map. Had I had more time to devote, this would've come out months ago..
  • Ogg_Snipers : A mountain/valley themed Special Event map for the Online Gamers Guild. Event is being scheduled for 2 Fridays from now, 10/24. Visit OGG for further details or email shLep if your interested.
  • Mp_navyOps : A little Beach-like map I'm having fun with. Some nice Atmosphere and effects starting to form.

RTCW: MurderX RTCW: OGG Snipers RTCW: OGG Snipers

I'm shooting for a 3 map-pack by the end of this month. Then after that, perhaps back to my neighborhood map, allied_home, i always wanted to fix and finish it.

There is a new generation of Level Designing coming with the arrival of games like Doom 3 & Half-Life 2. You can expect me to be on that band-wagon as well.