The Goal:
To provide a realistic and accurate representation of the application or business service.

What’s Needed:
High level architecture diagrams of the application to be discovered and mapped
– Needs to include all application components (DB, App Servers, Load Balancers, etc).
Application Details
– Ports used
– Application details (App name, DB names, etc.)
– IP ranges of servers & devices
Access to application SME
– Needs to have detailed understanding of application environment
– Needs to understand application component configurations
Credentials for application components
– We will provide a list of whats required based upon application architecture

Application SME Involvements:
The Time Requirement:
– Should be limited to 4-8 hours total per application
– Will be Q&A type involvement
– Time will be broken up into several shorter sessions
Other Requirements
– Help troubleshoot discovery issues with non-standard configurations
– Help gather credentials
– Identify any internal processes we need to follow
The Goal:
– Validate that the maps being created are accurate representations of the application
– Ensure that we have included all relevant components and tiers
– Ensure discovery process is sustainable going forward.