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A Hard Lesson – Modding 101

Here it is:  My MOD (Project Phi) has been on hold for nearly a year.  We were simply sinking beneath the weight of an endless task list without enough bodies to finish anything significant.  And after 2 years of development this was an especially hard lesson to learn, but invaluable nonetheless.

Biting off more than you can chew is arguably the #1 reason most MOD teams do fail.  As a start-up group of developers, its an easy circumstance to find yourself in.  Why think small, right?  I'll tell you why:  You Will Fail.  Like so many others before me have advised, please take these lessons to heart (you have been warned):

  • Keep it simple, stupid.
  • Focus on making your game fun, first.
  • Refine your early game-play key elements, and often at that.
  • Get the bulk of your programming finished ASAP.
  • Gradually increase custom content as you move through beta tests, but remember, always start with stock content and focus your energy on what makes your game fun (and hopefully unique).
  • Aesthetics and polish should always be at the end of your list. Creating a unique game should never rest on the visuals your world offers.  What good is a nice looking game that is a bore to play?
  • Accept as much feedback, both internally and externally, as possible.  While most ideas might not be used, without this overflow of creativity, you will likely end up with something bland and tasteless.

Project Phi: A Page From the Sketchbook


Maybe this wasnt all from the same page literally, but the effect is the same for you; a random collage of projectphi character concepts and sketches. 
Project Phi Sketches
by: MJH

MOD: SR-2053

I joined a HL2 mod team about a year ago; RTk Development. Our mod, SR-2053, will be a total conversion, inspired from the RPG ShadowRunner. Our official Media release is coming up soon, but in the meantime here are a few samples:

SR2053: Dwarf Rigger SR2053: Aztech SR2053: Troll Mercenary

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