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Website(s) Merger 2012

Starting today, I will be consolidating content from several satelittle websites that I run, all in to this single site… 

The idea being:   "A Multi-Media Portfolio and Personal Technology Blog : 10 Years of Random Notes"

… and simpler administration.


Merry Christmas, Project Phi & My Demo Reel

Just to make it official, a few months back Pender and I started a HL2 Mod, entitled Project Phi. Our focus is on first releasing a Single Player game unlike any other, to then be followed by a Multiplayer release. Head over to the website to read more…

Also in the news; my Demo Reel is finished! At the moment I only have 1 ridiculously High Quality version available (large download). But that will change soon… You can check it out in my portfolio, or click here.

Here are a few x-mas treats, enjoy!

New Website Up!!

I finally got around to overhauling The Haus. Additonal content added, old schwag weeded out. New design to better serve as both a portfolio of my work, and a general resource for mapping.

OGG Snipers Released

RTCW: OGG Snipers

OGG Snipers is finished!!!  After some help from the good folks at OGG, we had some beta's and IMO, this is a solid map and should prove to be engaging in the Sniper Wars, which take place tomorrow 11/05/03.

Visit for more details. Head Over the Maps section To Get yours..



Mapping Update 2003 – October

Content, more content! The maps section is filling out nicely.. Also stay tuned for Map 'walk-through' videos built into this site!! Beside map pics, there are some new web features here and there.. dont forget to check out the tutorials section!

RTCW: OGG Snipers RTCW: MurderX RTCW: MurderX

  • Ogg_Snipers : About done. Simple, lightmapped terrain, and a giant friggin bridge!
  • Murder X : Cranked out some hours on her, been awhile.. Added/subtracted and beta tested. A beta test or 2 more and I'm calling it quits. haha

My thoughts are starting to drift back to the as of yet, unfinished allied_home… hehe

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