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Why I Am Quitting Traditional IT Management Consulting

In Intact Technology's debut blog, Jesse White comes out swinging:

Traditional IT Management Consulting uses fear, doubt and powerful relationships to sell business leaders promises of game changing outcomes. They make the simple complex, extremely expensive and then get paid to simplify it again. Too many times getting paid to waste time and money to point the finger at their competitor, the IT department. How is this helping anyone? This is bullshit.

And he's absolutely right.  The elephant in the room cannot be ignored any longer.  In-house IT is not the enemy and Consultancy Firms need to stop whispering this into the Business' ear.  Indeed:

I am not saying that IT departments don’t need specialized help or that every IT department has what they need to support their business.  I am saying we need a fundamental change in the model…

Check out the full article, it's well worth the read.

Beginners Guide to Modeling in Maya for UDK

The following resources will guide the UDK/Maya novice in creating a simple model in Maya (with textures) and successfully importing it into a simple UDK map.

Note:  Upon launching Maya you will see the Essential Skills Movies tutorials.  Watch all of these to understand the basics of the Maya interface.

UDK/Maya: How to Set Up Your Grid in Maya to Match UDK


UDK: How to Add Player Starts, PathNodes, Weapons, Items, Vehicles and JumpPads


Maya Beginner Basics: Snap Tool and Pivots

(Press to "insert" enter pivot-moving mode).

Applying Custom Textures to a model in Maya


Maya 2012: Create static meshes for UDK

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