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ioquake3 modding

Yep, I am regressing… or am I?

Going through my library the other day, I came across a book I had never even cracked open.
…And it turns out its pretty good!

Focus On Mod Programming in Quake III Arena

Within short order I was able to correlate the instructions given for the environment setup (which are now 10 years dated) and make my first code changes to the source.
* Homing Rockets!
* Up next? Cluster Grenades, Locational Damage, Jetpacks, Chain Lightning, etc. Fun!

Nothing crazy yet, but a great start (for not knowing a bit of C programming), nonetheless.
Also, as the web resources provided in the book are long since offline, I may document portions of the book to help others (if anyone has issue with this, contact me).


In VERY related news, I came across this awesome project: ioquake3.
In a nutshell, it is the original Q3A Engine + a whole lot of improvements, security patches, and misc updates.
One of their most attractive features is the massive portability overhaul (their homepage is littered with folks showing ioquake3 running on mobile devices).

Needless to say, this is all very exciting and is yes, VERY appealing to me.

The plan then:
– Create a Q3A mod using the ioquake3 platform.
– Create all new maps, character models, weapons, music, etc (i.e. total conversion mod).
– Host the new Mod 24×7.
– Play the mod on my smart phone.
– I Win.

..And with the updated ioquake3 HD texture packs, q3map2 level rendering enhancements (note: Is ioquake3 compatible with q3map2?), and the insane 7.1 surround sound also provided through ioquake3??!!! – No, I am not regressing in thinking I should do this.

Given the simplicity of Mapping/Modeling/Modding in the Q3A engine, which now includes updated graphics and sound – this may yet just be a stroke of Brilliance!

Reset BAC 8.x JMX-Console Password

1- Stop the HP Business Availability Center Gateway or Data Processing server.

2- Run the appropriate file, depending on the operating system in use, on either the Gateway or Data Processing server:

For Windows \tools\jmx\changeCredentials.bat

The Change Password dialog box opens, where you enter and confirm your
new password. The password change is registered and encrypted in the
following files, located on either the Gateway or Data Processing server:

1- \\EJBContainer\server\mercur \conf\props\

The syntax in this file appears as username=password.

2- \\conf\jmxsecurity.txt
The syntax in this file appears as username password.

Note: The login name cannot be changed

Upgrading a BAC 8.x uCMDB Foundation License

When you install Business Availability Center, you receive the Universal CMDB Foundation license. To obtain the file needed to upgrade to the Standard or Advanced license, contact HP Software Support, then perform the following procedure:

To upgrade your license:

1. Obtain the appropriate file (standard or advanced) from HP Software Support.
2. Replace the ucmdb_license.xml file in the \mam_lib\server folder on the Data Processing server machine .

If Business Availability Center is installed in a distributed deployment, replace the file on the Gateway Server machine.

3. Use the JMX console to force a license change:
a. Launch a Web browser and enter the address http://.:8080/jmx-console, where is the name of the machine on which BAC is installed. When prompted, enter the JMX Console authentication credentials (if you do not have these credentials, contact your system administrator).
b. Under MAM, click service=UCMDB UI to open the JMX MBEAN View page.
c. Locate java.lang.String getLicenseForCustomer() and enter the following information:

In the force parameter box, select True.
In the ParamValue box for the parameter customerId, enter 1.
Click Invoke.

Note: To verify the type of license that is installed, select False and enter the customer ID. Details about the license are displayed.

4. Restart the BAC server.

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