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SoftImage Curriculum Progress

Just a quick update:

I hammered out 2 more pages of the MOD Tool Curriculum (Modules 12-13). The "Creating a Dynamite Prop" portion of the curriculum is nearly finished, with only touching up the final prop details remaining.

See the Entire Curriculum here.


RtCW Custom Map Renovation

Happy New Years!

I've spent the past few weeks re-working an older RTCW map I made (over 5 years ago).  The map, allied_home is a close replica to a neighborhood I grew up in.  It was in a dire state; the construction/optimization was poor, lighting terrible, and the objectives were without focus.  It's been a lot of fun addressing these issues.

The plan is to wrap up Allied Home once and for all, update my mapping reel, and run it on my omni-bot server (currently offline).

Here's a WIP screenie!


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