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Exporting Google Earth Models into UDK using SketchUp

I was looking into the possibility of mocking up a 3D city in UDK and came across the following links on youtube.

Google Earth is an abundant source of low res 3D models for any given city.  
And you can freely download most of these models as .skp files.
Once you have a .skp file from Google Earth, you can load it into Google Sketchup Pro (a free trial version is available for up to 8 hours of dev time).
After that you can export that .skp file into a .fbx file that UDK will recognize, including textures.
Although to work with the original textures you will also need a batch texture conversion tool, like IrfanView.
Its a bit of a process to work through, but becomes easy enough the more you do it.
Check out these videos for more detail.

How to Import SketchUp Assets/Models to UDK


How to import Materials/Textures from SketchUp to UDK

Here is a Google Earth model I converted to the UDK platform. 


Unless you are only interested in exporting 1 Google Earth at a time, there are more efficient approaches to exporting larger groups of buildings in one shot.

Exporting Google Earth Models into 3DS Max

Part 1 – Exporting Google Earth Models into UDK

Part 2 – Exporting Google Earth Models into UDK

UDK Games for iOS Mobile Platform

While ioQuake3 is still very cool, in a mostly nostalgic kind of way, I've decided after careful deliberation to go 'all in' with UDK.  Those who've been using the engine for years will no doubt chuckle over my belated 'revelation'.  Nevertheless, and for reasons not unique to many others modders, I've finally decided to let go of the past and move on to the bigger and better.  To chalk up my previous failures and successes to experience, and to rejoin my modding brethren in the modern era.  Nuff' said.


Now, the part of UDK Modding that has me most excited is the iOS Mobile Platform support!
Mobile anything is the future. We all know it. And honestly, even if UDK wasn't a fantastic NextGen engine to develop in (which it is), the fact that the engine is updated monthly with such awesome features as iOS Mobile support makes the choice crystal clear. Seeing no evidence to say otherwise, I foresee Epic Games continuing to support Mobile Platform Gaming, indefinitely.

Check this out…


UDK's highly optimized mobile renderer has support for per-pixel lighting, environment mapping, precomputed visibility and more! And of course, Unreal Lightmass computes stunning light and shadows to bring your scene to life. Harness the power of the same triple-A tools used to build ground-breaking games like Gears of War and iPhone Game of the Year Infinity Blade.

Honestly, gaming on mobile devices is sneered upon by many… even yours truly at times (ironically). But to not understand the exponentially growing Mobile trend out there, nor to fathom any possibility of overcoming such handheld device limitations, betrays a serious lack of creativity. Sign me up Epic! I'm all in…

Moving to UDK

The Unreal Development Kit is a vastly updated version of the UT3 Editor.  Initially I had concerns that it didn't come with enough stock content to lend itself to modding or ambitious single map releases.  But it does, and this is a beautiful suite of tools.  And yes, this is old news for those who have been keeping up with Unreal for years.

There is a great assortment of Video Tutorials by 3D Buzz here.  This is where I am starting at least, and I'm already starting to visualize my first UDK map.  🙂

First UDK Room!

It's a very small step, but its progress.  Mapping in Unreal is dramatically different than mapping with the source or id tech engines.  I have a long road ahead of me.  🙂

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