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Mapping Update 2003 – October

Content, more content! The maps section is filling out nicely.. Also stay tuned for Map 'walk-through' videos built into this site!! Beside map pics, there are some new web features here and there.. dont forget to check out the tutorials section!

RTCW: OGG Snipers RTCW: MurderX RTCW: MurderX

  • Ogg_Snipers : About done. Simple, lightmapped terrain, and a giant friggin bridge!
  • Murder X : Cranked out some hours on her, been awhile.. Added/subtracted and beta tested. A beta test or 2 more and I'm calling it quits. haha

My thoughts are starting to drift back to the as of yet, unfinished allied_home… hehe

OGG Tourney Arena Released

OGG Tourney Arena is now available on FileFront!


Death From Above Fight. Grounds

Grab it here.

Mapping Update 2003

Added some pictures to my Maps page, a first for this site!! Basically consisting of the 3 projects I'm wrapping up now, they are;

  • Murder X : My 3 year baby. I learned everything I know basically from making this map. Had I had more time to devote, this would've come out months ago..
  • Ogg_Snipers : A mountain/valley themed Special Event map for the Online Gamers Guild. Event is being scheduled for 2 Fridays from now, 10/24. Visit OGG for further details or email shLep if your interested.
  • Mp_navyOps : A little Beach-like map I'm having fun with. Some nice Atmosphere and effects starting to form.

RTCW: MurderX RTCW: OGG Snipers RTCW: OGG Snipers

I'm shooting for a 3 map-pack by the end of this month. Then after that, perhaps back to my neighborhood map, allied_home, i always wanted to fix and finish it.

There is a new generation of Level Designing coming with the arrival of games like Doom 3 & Half-Life 2. You can expect me to be on that band-wagon as well.

Online Gamers Guild – New Map Rotation

Our friends at the Online Gamers Guild and Tram Design got together for both a map makers dream as well as the average player, that loves custom rtcw maps. A dedicated server, rotating the nicer maps that have come out of the tram forums.. . yay!

Tram now uses a different Server for their maps,

Allied_Home (Red Oak Court Beta) Released

"This map is basically my Old neighborhood. A very stuck up old person retirement place…people moved there to die i think…good thing we got outta there….but since rtcw came out, i wanted to make the neighborhood the center of destruction…ive been a …shlep on getting the simple script made…and right now it is incomplete…but for me i love the fact that i get to blow up shit. And that is a perk of this is as interactive as i could make it..if you see a ledge …more then likely you can jump and climb ontop of it..similar to q3's UT…also many things are "breakable" which i havent noticed too much in rtcw besides wall boards and on and give me some feedback."

RTCW: Red Oak Court



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