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BTO 9.0 Demo

This movie contains a very simple CLIP 9.0 solution demonstration flow.  The CLIP 9.0 solution from HP Software helps IT organizations achieve its goals of IT efficiency, increased automation levels and focusing on the business by implementing the Event and Incident Management ITIL processes and focusing on the inter-connection between them. CLIP addresses the needs to reduce the MTTR, and increase the MTBF allowing higher levels of Service Availability.

Note:  There is no Audio in this video.

ADM and CMDB – Part One

What is ADM? Forrester sees it, combined with ITIL and CMDB, as the foundation for changes to how we will do things in future in IT. Evelyn Hubbert, Forrester Research explains why.

Instance Based View

Modeling Studio

Note: Contains poor quality Audio.

HP Run-time Service Model – How the Run-time Service Model helps you.  The Run-time Service Model (in BSM9) leverages data collected from a variety of data sources and uses it for maintaining service health, event correlation and event reduction in real time.

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